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Approval Plans at the Vassar College Library

Vassar has several approval plans with a variety of vendors. Our largest approval plan is with YBP Library Services, our major supplier of in-print academic English-language books. The YBP approval plan combines three elements: a targeted publisher list, a defined set of non-subject parameters, and subject-specific instructions (organized by Library of Congress classification). Based on these elements, books are shipped weekly to the Library; in addition, the Library also receives notification slips for a broader category of publishers and subjects.

Details of the YBP Approval Plan:

  1. Publisher lists:
  2. Non-subject parameters (material types which determine whether a title ships automatically or whether a notification slip is sent)
  3. Subject-specific instructions (organized by Library of Congress call number)

Additional Approval Plans:

We have specialized literature plans with Casalini Libri (Italian literature) and Harassowitz (German literature) which ship books automatically; we also have a notification slip plan with Aux Amateurs de Livres (French literature). There is also an approval book plan for art exhibition catalogs through Worldwide Books.

For more information on Vassar’s approval plans, please contact Debra Bucher, (845) 437-5763.