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Guide to Sources of U.S. Law

Research guide to finding basic sources of United States law.

Administrative Law

After a bill becomes a law, various executive agencies and independent administrative agencies issue administrative regulations and rules to implement the law.   Congress can also authorize the President to make rules and regulations, a power he usually delegates to executive agencies under his control.   These regulations, often referred to as "administrative law" or "bureaucratic law," are found in the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations.   Together these two publications contain a current compilation of all the rules and regulations which are issued by the federal agencies and the executive departments.

  • KF70.A2 and GPO Access
    Federal Register. Issued daily. Library keeps current issues only, until codified in the Code of Federal Regulations.
    Basically a daily update of the CFR, it is the only publication that prints all rules adopted by the agencies. Contains presidential documents, rules and regulations, proposed rules, notices, Sunshine Act meetings (open agency meetings). GPO Access version has 1994-current.

  • KF70.A3
    Code of Federal Regulations. Library keeps latest revision only.
    Topical arrangement of regulations currently in force. Includes executive orders, proclamations, and administrative regulations. Selected titles are available through GPO Access.
Site for citizen comment on regulations published in the Federal Register.

LexisNexis Academic and LexisNexis Congressional
Contain the U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Rules, etc.

U.S. Gov. Doc. GS4.114 and AE2.109: and GPO Access
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. 1965-current.
See Gov. Docs. AE2.109: for documents after July 8, 1985. Also available in Expanded Academic Index and other databases. News conferences, speeches, proclamations, statements, letters, memos, reports, and messages to Congress.