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Guide to Sources of U.S. Law

Research guide to finding basic sources of United States law.

Guides and Encyclopedias

  • Congress and Law-making: Researching the Legislative Process. 2nd ed. 1989. (Ref KF 240.G63 1989)

  • Congress and the Nation: a Review of Government and Politics in the Postwar Years. (Ref KF 49.C653)
    Descriptions of major legislation as well as national and international events. Includes biographical information, major votes, key judicial decisions, and elections issues. Covers 1945-2001.

  • Congressional Quarterly Almanac 1949-current. (Ref JK 1.C66)
    Summarizes and cross-indexes the previous year in Congress including major legislation, presidential programs, analyses of Supreme Court decisions, and so on. Also includes roll-call vote for every member of Congress.

  • Congressional Quarterly's Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court. 1997. (Ref KF 8742.B57 1997)

  • Encyclopedia of the American Constitution. 4 v. 1986. (Ref KF 4548.E53 1986)

  • Federal Legislative Histories: An Annotated Bibliography and Index To Officially Published Sources. 1994. (Ref KF 42.2 1994)

  • How To Find The Law. 1989. (Ref KF 240.C538 1989)

  • How Our Laws are Made (THOMAS).

  • Legal Information: How To Find It, How To Use It (Ref. KF 240.O365 1999)

  • Legal Research:  How To Find & Understand the Law (electronic book)

  • Legal Research In A Nutshell. Latest ed. only. (Ref KF 240.C54)

  • The Legal Researcher's Desk Reference. Latest ed. (Ref KF 240.L43)

  • The Supreme Court A To Z: A Ready Reference Encyclopedia. 1998. (Ref KF 8742.A35.S8 1998)


Black's Law Dictionary. 1999. (Ref KF 156.B53 1999)

Constitutional Law Dictionary. 2 v. and v.l Suppl. 1-2. 1985-1991. (Ref. KF 4548.5.C47 1985)

A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage. 1995.  (Ref KF 156.G367 1995)


Biographies and Directories

Biographical Dictionary of the Federal Judiciary. 1976. (Ref KF 353.B5)
Covers 1789-1974. Supreme and lower federal courts.

Congressional Directory. 1865-current (in print), 105th Congress-current online. (Ref JK 1011.U52 and GPO Access)

Encyclopedia of the U.S. Supreme Court.(Ref. KF 8742.A35 E53 2001)

The First One Hundred Justices: Statistical Studies On The Supreme Court Of The United States. 1978. (Ref KF 8741.A152.B6)

Majority and Minority Leaders of the House of Representatives, 1899-Present

The Justices Of The United States Supreme Court, 1789-1969. (Ref KF 8744.F75)

Senators of the 105th Congress

Speakers of the House of Representatives, 1789-1997

United States Government Manual 1973/74-current in print, current online. (Ref JK 421 .A3 and GPO Access)