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Researching U.S. Elections

Books in the Reference Collection

The following books in the reference collection contain information on how to start research on the electoral process and background information on campaigns, voting, political parties and elections.

    • American Presidential Campaigns and Elections (Ref. JK 1965.A57 2003)

    • How To Research Elections (Ref. JK 1976.M37 2000)
      • A really comprehensive source on how to research every aspect of elections from campaigns to political parties to the electoral system to voter participation. Lists primary and secondary sources, databases, and websites.

    • Guide to US Elections (Ref. JK 1967.C662 2001)
      • Includes chapters on the evolution of American elections, political party development and historical profiles of American political parties, nominating conventions, Presidential elections, Congressional elections, and gubernatorial elections. Tables and figures include Votes Cast in Presidential Primaries, 1912-2000; Voter Turnout, 1789-2000; American Political Parties, 1789-2000

    • Elections A to Z (Ref. JK 1976.M57 1999)

    • Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party (Ref. JK 2312.E55 1997 and Suppl.) and Encyclopedia of the Republican Party(Ref. JK 2352.E56 1997 and Suppl.)
      • Surveys the history, evolution, and current state of the Democratic and Republican parties as of 2002. Includes history, issues and ideology, elections, conventions and platforms, and biographies.

    • Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns, Slogans, Issues, and Platforms (E 176.1.R62 2004)

    • Historical Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections (Ref. Folio G 120l.F9 H5 2006)
      • Includes information, data and maps on Presidential elections, political parties, the nomination process, changes in the electorate, political geography of settlement, and historical trends in suffrage and voter participation.

    • Historical Dictionary of United States Political Parties (Ref. JK 2261.B345 2000)

    • National Party Conventions, 1831-2004 (Ref. JK 2255.N376 2005)

    • Presidential Elections, 1789-2000 (Ref. JK 524.P6783 2002)

  • Presidential Winners & Losers (E 176.1.V65 2002)
    Letters, speeches, concession speeches, Inaugural address, etc.