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Guide to Resources in Women's and Gender Studies


Journals in the field of Women's Studies, the primary source for articles by feminist scholars and critics, are spread throughout many different full-text databases.  In order to do an extensive literature review of feminist scholarship on a critical concept or topic, it is often necessary to directly search the full text of the leading journals in the field, in addition to searching through databases such as JStor and Project Muse.

To do this, search for journal titles using the "Journals" tab on the library website and then follow the links to the databases that include them in order to do your search.


Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies

Feminist Review

Feminist Studies

Feminist Theory


Yale Journal of Law and Feminism

Gender & Society

GLQ: A Journal of Gay and Lesbian Studies

Journal of Homosexuality

Journal of Men's Studies

Social Politics

Journal of the History of Sexuality

In order to find a list of the different journals of with a feminist perspective, including many that have ceased publication, try the search Feminism - Periodicals in the Library Catalog.

Multidisciplinary Databases

These indexes cover a lot of different subject areas. JSTOR and Project Muse contain full text of articles from scholarly journals. Expanded Academic and Proquest contain some full text and link to full text in other Vassar databases through ArticleLinker.

All databases are available from the Library home page under Indexes and Databases alphabetically and by subject.

Specialized Databases

To roughly limit to feminist critiques and perspectives in the databases listed here that aren't specifically limited to women's studies (ie, databases other than GenderWatch and Contemporary Women's Issues), include the keyword "feminis*" in your search.