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Sources of Literary Criticism

Getting Started

Navigating through the various sources of literary criticism (the scholarly evaluation of literature including the critical discussion of novels, poetry, plays, and short stories) can be daunting.  Substantive criticism is found in both books and journal articles, and in print and online formats. 

Published bibliographies are an essential tool for finding the seminal critical articles that have been written about a major literary work over time.  Bibliographies can be found in reference books, handbooks and companions to particular authors or literary movements, scholarly editions of literary works, and critical articles. 

Indexes and databases will also help you identify articles in journals, anthologies and other published material regarding a particular literary work or author.

This guide is intended to help you find resources for literary criticism at the Vassar Library.  You may also want to come to the Library Research Help Desk or contact Gretchen Lieb, the Liaison Librarian for the English Department, for help in finding what you need.