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Video Resources at Vassar Library

Finding Films from a Particular Country/National Cinemas or Within a Particular Genre

These are examples of Genre Subject Headings that are useful for identifying videos in particular genres or from particular countries in the Vassar Library collection.  Genre Subject Headings are not always consistently applied, so for example, some of the videos in our collection with "noirish" elements do not have the subject heading "film noir," but the core titles do have this subject heading. 

Films are notoriously difficult to categorize and index, and it isn't always possible to retrieve all of the titles related to the set that you want using the Genre Subject Headings in the catalog.  It's important to use filmographies and then check for titles available in our collection, rather than exclusively relying on Genre/Form Subject Headings.

To look up films in a particular genre in the library catalog, change "KEYWORD" to "GENRE/FORM" and "VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION" to "VIDEOS/DVDS"

National Cinemas

To find the videos belonging to a national cinema, use both the noun and adjective form of the nationality to get a complete list.


Motion Pictures - France

Motion Pictures - French

Film Genres