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IST 182: The 21st Century Worldwide Refugee Crisis

This is a research guide for group projects related to IST 182: The 21st Century Worldwide Refugee Crisis.


Thomas Dworzak Magnum/ICRC


Vassar College librarians are providing this guide to support International Studies 182, a course being taught in Spring 2016 by Professor Maria Höhn, and Solidarity with Refugees: a Vassar College Student Initiative.  We are indebted to Rhys Sevier, librarian at the Ginn Library at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, whose resource guide for Forced Migration and Refugee Studies was our inspiration.

Research Projects

A note from Professor Höhn: Given the size of the class, students will conduct group research projects, which will become part of the Vassar College Website related to the initiative at Vassar to be involved in the forced migration crisis that faces millions of people across the globe.

My project assignment for this class is inspired by the work that universities and research centers in Germany and the U.S. are currently doing. Many of them are looking to the past, and the way the world, or their individual countries responded to devise solutions for today. We can do this as well here at Vassar, and paying attention also to how our own institution responded in past crises. Since you research findings will go “live” on a very public (and hopefully much-consulted portal), please be as conscientious and comprehensive in your work as possible.

You will be asked to sign up to research and analyze a past refugee crisis, so we can learn from these experiences. My hope is that student research teams will put together a sophisticated analysis of data, images, and stories that can become a link for our website, serve simultaneously as a teaching guide for future classes such as ours. I am looking for a blog entry, a website link, a power point presentation not a research paper.  

The tabs in this guide outline your research project.  

1. Select one of the three AREAS outlned in the tabs on this guide (Agencies and Organizations, Past Crises and U.S. Media Coverage, and Vassar Responses to Past Crises).  Each tab (other than the Scholarly Journals and Reference Sources page) is one AREA.

2. Within your group's selected AREA, select resources and topics (from lists provided here and on your syllabus, or in consultation with Ms. Höhn) and enter this information on the class Moodle site:

a. research topic

b. proposed research resources

c. probable final project format. (there is some flexibility to change the format of your final project as the need arises in the course of your work)

3. Follow research resources directions in your AREA to contact a librarian to consult regarding your project.