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HISP/LALS 227 - Colonial Latin America: The Invention of America

This guide is a companion to research assignments for Mr. Grünfeld's Spring 2017 course.


Historical Context

These are the books on reserve for this course. Please utilize them during research for your oral presentations and essays. Bibliographies and footnotes in these books will recommend additional insightful sources and suggest effective keywords to search for articles in databases.

To find more books like these, click SUBJECT heading links near the bottom of each catalog record to see all books at Vassar Library with that subject heading. It is a great way to explore our collection.  Note call numbers for books with a particular subject heading and go browse that area of the library. Call numbers on library books are directly related to subject headings.  Here is a guide to find what room a call number is shelved in.

Spanish American literature - History and criticism

Latin America -- History -- to 1830

Latin America -- History -- Philosophy

Latin America -- Civilization -- European Influences

Latin America -- Race Relations

Latin America -- Colonization

Latin America -- in Motion Pictures