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HIST/AMST 283 U.S. Consumer Culture

This guide is a companion to the final research assignment for Mr. Mills' course.

Periodicals at Vassar

**If you see magazines mentioned in the bibliographies and references of your secondary sources, look up individual titles in Vassar's catalog. If we have it, there will be a call number or a link depending on our access format.

Explore our digital collections of newspapers and popular magazines

Use the database Readers Guide Abstracts to Periodicals to look up abstracts to articles in popular magazines.

Center for Research Libraries catalog is another option for access to this source base.

A History of American Magazines by Frank Luther Mott is a great source for looking up individual U.S. magazine titles to learn about their audience, editorial perspective etc. It covers titles 1741-1930 [print[ebook]  (The ebook platform is a little clunky....)  

Many pre-1970 20th century periodicals are in our print collection, sometimes microfilm.  This is not a comprehensive list, but some examples of what you can find in our Periodical room on the second floor.

Some primary sources at Vassar

Try looking up individuals and organizations as authors to find primary sources.

Remember that often, organizations publish a periodcal magazine.

Online Collections of Advertising

Please remember that things published prior to 1928 are before the copywright wall and therefore very possibly available open access online through one of many high quality projects like Hathi Trust or Internet Archive.

Secondary Sources