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HIST 337 Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany

This guide is a companion to research assignments for Ms. Höhn's course.

German-American newspapers (English language)

CRL has a strong collection of U.S. ethnic newspapers and magazines.  Select ethnicity from drop down menu here.  The result list cannot be sorted by date, so you need to scroll through to find the period you are interested in.  If you click the "limit/modify search" button near top of page, you can limit to English language. Also on that page, under the Reproduction Type drop down you can select "Electronic" to see what holdings are digitized, but it doesn't seem to be accurate, i.e. there are digital versions not captured in that modification.  

Keep in mind that German language newspapers could include photos, illustrations and comics.

This is not a comprehensive list of WWII era holdings, but a place to start:

German Newspaper Holdings

Allgemeiner Anzeiger fur Ostfriesland

Bayerische Ostmark, Bamberger Tagblatt Bamberg, GER

Berliner Morgenpost (Berlin, Germany : 1898) Berlin, GER

Deutsche Zukunft (Berlin, Germany) Berlin, GER

Deutscher Reichsanzeiger und preussischer Staatsanzeiger Berlin, GER

Frankfurter zeitung und Handelsblatt (Frankfurt am Main, Germany :

Daily : Reichsausg.)

Fuhrer (Karlsruhe, Germany : Ausg. : Merkur-Rundschau) Karlsruhe, GER

Fuhrer (Karlsruhe, Germany : Ausg.: Aus der Ortenau) Karlsruhe, GER

Niedersachsische Tageszeitung (Hannover, Germany : Ausg. Peine) Hannover, GER

Nordschleswigsche Tageszeitung Flensburg, GER

Oberhessische Zeitung Alsfeld, GER

Peiner Zeitung Peine, GER

Post (Munich, Germany) Munich, GER

Sonntag Morgen Post Munich, GER

Volkischer Beobachter (Berlin, Germany : Berliner Ausg.) Berlin, GER

Welt am Sonntag Munich, GER

Microfilm Collections


Fill out a Book Request form in ILLiad to request microfilm reels.  

The most important field on the ILL request is OCLC# which you will find at the top of every CRL record.

Indicate item is from Center for Research Libraries in the field that asks where you found item.  In notes field, you're better off describing what you want to order specifically instead of using reel #s or other information from catalog record (although you can include those too.)

If you have any questions about CRL holdings, please do not hesitiate to email their research librarian, Mary Wilke. She's wonderfully helpful and responsive. Please also cc me so I can help with anything on our end, and learn more about CRL's collections!