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Library Services - Spring 2021

Access to Library Materials for Off-Campus Students

The Vassar College Libraries will endeavor to help off-campus students access library materials through a variety of methods. We recommend that off-campus students email and/or arrange a Zoom consultation with a librarian. This is often the most efficient way to determine what options are available for accessing the materials that you need.

There are a variety of ways to contact a librarian on the Ask a Librarian page. Or, just email and we’ll connect you with a librarian who can help with your specific needs.

Guide to Online Resources

For access to online resources, be sure to sign into the proxy server!

Check out our Guide to Online Resources for more information about the extensive electronic collections--books, journals, primary sources, and more--that are available to current Vassar students, faculty, and staff. You can also consult our research guides, which contain recommendations for online sources arranged by subject area. 

Answers to Common Questions

There’s a book at Vassar that I need. How can I get it?

When possible, we will assist off-campus students by acquiring ebooks.

  • Please keep in mind that not every book is available electronically. Even some books that have ebook versions (e.g., you can get it through Amazon for your Kindle) are not available for libraries to purchase. Additionally, the library’s ebook purchases aren’t as quick as clicking an Amazon link, so please make your request well in advance of when you need to read the book.

There’s a Connect NY (or Interlibrary Loan) book that I need. How can I get it?

We cannot fulfill off-campus students’ requests for print books through Connect NY and Interlibrary Loan. However, a librarian can help you determine if other options are available (e.g., if it’s an ebook that we can purchase, or if there are other materials that may be relevant to your research).

There’s a journal article (or book chapter) that I need. How can I get it?

Students may request scans (electronic copies) of journal articles and book chapters through ILLiad

  • The ILLiad service is intended to get scans of print journal articles, scans of journal articles to which we don’t have print or online access, and scans of chapters from print books (not ebooks). Please check that we don’t have online access to these items before placing your request. A librarian can help you with this.

I’m writing a paper about ____. How can I find sources that are relevant to my topic?

This is a perfect occasion to talk with a librarian! We can help you find ebooks, journals, online primary sources, and other items that are relevant to your research and accessible from off-campus.