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Removing the "Female" from Vassar College

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Sources in Special Collections

Primary sources online

All digital material has been made available via the Hathi Trust unless otherwise indicated.

Matthew Vassar Papers (digitized segment of the original collection, available in the VCL Digital Library)

Godey's Lady's Book (via American Periodicals Series Online)

Images of Early Vassar (curated collection, available in the VCL Digital Library)

"The Education of Women in America," Godey's Lady's Book, Volume 61 (Oct 1860), 368. (Available via Proquest's American Periodicals Series and in print in Archives and Special Collections.)

"The Vassar Female College," Vanity Fair, Volume 3 (16 Feb 1861), 82. (Available via Proquest's American Periodicals Series and in print)

Proceedings of the Trustees of Vassar Female College at their First Meeting, February 26, 1861(Also available in print in Archives and Special Collections)

"The Vassar College," Harper's Weely, Volume 5 (30 March 1861). (Available via Harpweek and in print)

"Vassar Female College" by Alpheus Crosby, Massachusetts Teacher, Volume 14 (Aug 1861), 281-289. (Also available in print)

"University Education for Women" by Alpheus Crosby, Massachusetts Teacher, Volume 14 (Sep 1861), 332-338. (Also available in print)

"Matthew Vassar and the Vassar Female College," American Journal of Education, Number 26 (March 1862), 53-56. (Available via Sabin America and in print.)

Circular by Order of the Trustees of Vassar Female College, 1864. (Also available in print in Archives and Special Collections)

"Vasssar College Opened," Godey's Lady's Book, Volume 71 (Aug 1865), 173.  (Also available in print in Archives and Special Collections.)

Prospectus of the Vassar Female College, 1865. (Also available in print in Archives and Special Collections)

Vassar College and Its Founder by Benson Lossing, 1867. (Also available in print)

Before Vassar Opened by James Monroe Taylor, 1914. (also available in print)

Vassar by James Monroe Taylor and Elizabeth Hazelton Haight, 1915. (also available in print)

The Autobiography and Letters of Matthew Vassar, edited by Elizabeth Hazelton Haight, 1916. (also available in print)