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We are excited to share our new Library catalog and search tool! We hope that you will find it easy to search and explore our collections. If you need help, have questions, or want to share feedback, visit the Ask a Librarian page.

Video Resources at Vassar Library

Videos in the Vassar College Library

The primary purpose of the library's collection is to support the instructional needs of Vassar College faculty, students and staff.  The collection supports and enriches the college’s cultural and intellectual resources.

We have videos in streaming, DVD, and VHS formats.  To the extent possible, we are continuously replacing VHS materials with DVDs and/or streaming access.  If we have a title in VHSt that you would like to have available in DVD, please use a Video Acquisition Form to request its replacement.

The collection is intended to reflect the interests and needs of Vassar faculty and students, and we encourage your suggestions and feedback!

What is in the Video Collection and where are the collections located?

Our video collection includes streaming video, DVDs, and VHS tapes.  The DVD collection in the Main Library is located in the Periodical Room, next to the Class of '51 Reading Room on the second floor. The VHS tapes in the Main Library are located in Stack 1, the basement level of the Art Library. Music Library videos are kept at the Music Library Circulation Desk. 

How can I identify the videos that are available ?

Search the online catalog for a keyword, title, or subject.  Choose Videos/DVDs from the pulldown menu to search all video formats and locations.

Where do I pick up a recalled DVD?

If you recalled a DVD and you've been notified that it's waiting for you at the Library, go to the Circulation & Reserves Desk.  Please note that DVDs on hold are returned to the shelves after 3 days.

How can I request a video for purchase by the library?

Faculty, students, and administrators may request that the library purchase a video by using the Video Acquisition Request Form.  

How can faculty put videos on reserve?

We make videos that are required viewing for courses available in streaming format to the extent possible. Please see the Streaming Services page of this guide for details.

Occasionally, we are unable to provide streaming access due to licensing and copyright issues. In these cases, faculty can put DVDs on reserve for a course using the Reserve FormDVDs on reserve for a course are limited to a shorter circulation period (4 hours vs. 1 day), and their circulation is limited to students and faculty (not staff and administrators).

How do I book a DVD for classroom use?

Faculty who wish to schedule a DVD for classroom use should complete the Video Screening Form.

All videos must be picked up from the Reserves Office (Room 164, located off the hallway behind the Library Classroom 160), open Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Where can I screen a DVD? Does the library have players that I can use?

There are DVD players located along the counter in the Main Library Computer Lab. These are all-region DVD players, so you can play DVDs that are coded for countries outside the US.

You can check out a portable DVD player from the Main Library Circulation Desk that you can plug into most computers.

There are DVD players in many Vassar classrooms and residence hall living rooms.