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What are Review Articles?

Review articles are a particular type of scholarly article that provide a systematic overview and analysis of the primary literature in a particular field. Review articles sum up the current state of research including the major advances and discoveries, ongoing debates, and where there are gaps in our knowledge that require more research. Because review articles discuss and cite the research articles that are advancing the field, you can quickly get an idea of who the major researchers are in that field.

What is Peer Review?

Depending on the policies of a particular scholarly journal, before an article is accepted for publication in that journal, it must undergo peer review. The editor of the journal will identify a few other scholars (peers) who have expertise on the subject that the article is about and send a copy of the article to those individuals. The peers will review the article for quality and rigor and give the editor their comments and recommendations. Depending on what the peers say, the editor may reject the article (if the peers found it to be substandard), or ask the author to revise and improve the article based on recommendations the peers provided. If the article needs revision then the author will make the necessary alterations and then resubmit the article. The article will usually be accepted for publication if the author makes all the required revisions.