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Using the Libraries

Main Library classroom

Library classroom scheduling policies

Library instruction classes for students are given top priority in scheduling the library classroom. No regularly scheduled classes are to be held in the classroom unless they are library related and a librarian is connected with the class.


If a member of the Vassar Community wishes to schedule the classroom for a non-library-related activity, that person may do so within one week before the activity if the room has not been booked for library instruction by that time. If the activity must be scheduled earlier than one week before and the room is needed for a library instruction session, library instruction takes priority over non-library usage if the library instruction is requested up to one week before the activity. The librarian needing to use the classroom may contact the individual who has scheduled the room and suggest an alternative space.

If the room has been booked for a non-instruction library use, such as a vendor demonstration, and there is a request for library instruction, library instruction takes priority and the individual booking the room for another use should make alternative arrangements. When the scheduled library use is instruction for staff and there is a request for instruction for students, instruction for students takes priority. A list of classroom spaces and their technology capabilities is available via the CIS Service Catalog.

Computers and technical support

All computers in the classroom run OSX and are equipped with the campus standard image. Installation of additional software needed for presentations should meet the following criteria:

  1. All software to be installed should comply with license agreements (must be owned for each machine on which it is installed)
  2. Software to be installed by the User Services Consultant to the library must be delivered to the Library Director's Office no later than one week prior to the class. All software or files left on the computers will be removed periodically. Instructors who need files/software left on computers for a particular purpose should make arrangements with the library when the software is installed.
  3. Software to be installed on only a few stations (not the entire classroom) should be installed by either the instructor or a technical support person provided by the instructor.
  4. At the end of a session, instructors/presenters should ask those seated at the workstations to quit out of the browser they are using, trash any items they have left on the desktop, but not turn off the computers.

Technical problems related to use of the classroom should be referred to or call x7224.  Instructors who wish to guarantee technical support should make their own arrangements prior to the class meeting.   Facilities problems related to the room (lighting, temperature, seating) should be referred to the Library Director's Office.

Instructors/presenters from outside the Vassar community should provide the technical requirements for their presentation to their Vassar contact at least 2 weeks in advance. The Vassar contact should e-mail these requirements to the Library Director's Office at

Photo of interior of library classroom


Technical problems

CIS Service Desk
‚Äč(845) 437-7224 

Facilities questions

Library Director's Office 
(845) 437-5785