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Using the Libraries


The Library will attempt to provide special services to all students registered with the campus Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity to meet the specific needs of each person. Students with physical or learning disabilities are encouraged to consult Accessibility and Educational Opportunity early in their college career to arrange for library services. Library personnel will work with students to resolve any difficulties or problems that might arise.

Access to the Library Building

For the Main Library there is an ID-card-accessible entrance with an interior lift on the north side of the building.
All persons who are not members of the Vassar Community should use the wall-mounted intercom to speak to staff at the Circulation & Reserves Desk to be buzzed in. 

For the Music Library, Vassar patrons should enter Skinner Hall through the ID-card-accessible entrance on the Raymond Avenue side of the building, and use the elevator on the left to go down to the library level. 
Non-Vassar visitors must make an appointment for access to the Music Library - please see Off-Campus Visitor Access.

There are accessible restrooms, media equipment, and a Kurzweil reader in the Library. Quiet space can be provided in the library or library staff can arrange with Accessibility and Educational Opportunity for alternative quiet space.

Assistance With Research

When the college is in session, a student assistant is available to help retrieve books, read reference materials, select research materials from paper or electronic indexes, photocopy or enlarge articles, assist with the use of the Kurzweil reader, or provide any other help that might be needed. Contact Accessibility and Educational Opportunity to arrange for the student assistant's services at ex. 7584.

Students are encouraged to contact librarians for assistance with their research papers and projects. The Ask a Librarian page provides information about online chat, in-person or virtual research consultations, and email assistance. Email with any questions. 


The Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity recommends the use of SensusAccess software to automatically convert documents into alternative media, including audio books, e-books, and digital Braille. Online articles from the Libraries' many databases and journals are excellent candidates for SensusAccess software! Contact the Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity to learn more about the software, receive training, and explore the document conversion process.

Contact for more information.


Accessibility and Educational Opportunity
(845) 437-7584
Old Laundry Building, Room 125
Research Help
Vassar College Libraries, Thompson Library