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Research & Instruction

Research Instruction

Research Instruction and Consultation

Vassar librarians are your pedagogical partners. We welcome collaboration to design research experiences for your classes, advisees or other projects and initiatives that will:

  • teach search skills and research strategies across disciplines
  • foster interest in exploring our collections
  • encourage critical inquiry and self-reflection
  • cultivate open minded and inclusive practice and dialog within our scholarly community

Contact your librarian liaison to discuss instruction options. We can design instruction experiences that include:

  • In class - We can meet in the library computer classroom or in your regular meeting space, for a flexible amount of time ranging from a 10 minute introduction to a full period or multiple class meetings
  • Workshops outside class time can be for a specific course, a particular skill (eg. digital mapping), a discipline (eg.. for all majors) or an experience (eg. thesis or oral history)
  • Encourage or require your Research Assistants and students to schedule Individual and Small Group Consultations with the librarian liaison for your department or program
  • We can create a customized Research Guide highlighting particular resources or methodologies for a specific assignment, course or any topic, or a module to embed in your Moodle page
  • We can consult on designing effective research assignments and library experiences