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SOCI 151 - Race, Class, Gender (Fall 2017): Home

Resources for Professor Carruyo's Race, Class, and Gender Sociology Course.

American Sociological Association (ASA)

The American Sociological Association (ASA) is the national professional organization for sociologist in the United States. Check the site for general information about the profession, as well as ideas for relevant topics that may be useful to your research. 


Framing Sociological Inquiry

  • Sociological Research examines structural aspects of a particulary topic. Focus on the patterns that may drive processes, events, or the behavior of individual people or groups. 
  • Example: Instead of asking "Why are prison populations made of predominately Black and Latinx men and women?" Ask: 
    • Does a lack of financial stability or educational opportunity contribute to high rates of incarceration among Blacks and Latinx men and women?
    • What is it about our society that makes disporportionately high rates of incarceration of Black and Latinx men and women acceptable? 

Deciding on a topic

  •  Use class assignments and discussion or sites like as a way to explore possible topics
  •  Use the Discover Tool on the library website to find a wide range of materials
  •  Include books (print and ebooks) in your research. Remember to search the catalog to find call numbers for print books and online access to ebooks. 
  •  Make an appointment with your library liaison for Sociology.

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