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ANTH 170: Bones, Bodies & Forensic Cases

Resources for Dr. Beisaw's First Year Writing Seminar

Ideas for Cases


  • Browse by murderer

  • Browse by country

  • Google site search using keywords

    • copy the url
    • type "site" followed by a colon
    • paste url
    • result = site:
    • add keywords
    • use quotation marks for phrases/full names


  • List of serial killers by body count

  • Serial killers before 1900


 Using Library Search to find newspaper articles:

  • Search the name of your killer or victim, or by any keywords associated with your case
  • Limit (by Content Type) to Newspapers
  • Review results, possibly re-do your search with more specific keywords (be sure to either keep search refinements in place, or to limit again to Newspapers)
  • Sort results by Date-Oldest First

Other Newspaper Databases