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MODfest 2021

MODFEST 2021: RADICAL IMAGINATION January 28-February 7

February 4 @ 6pm Zoom Indigenous Artist Panel during Late Night at the Loeb

6pm via Zoom - Webinar


Moderated by interdisciplinary artist, Storme Webber, several native artists will have a dialogue around the complicated relationship between land and art, land acknowledgements, and other current issues facing institutions and indigenous artists. Sponsored by Departments of  Music, FLLAC, and CAAD. Panelists are still being confirmed but may include:

  • Storme Webber. Storme Webber is a Two-Spirit, Aleut/Black/Choctaw writer, interdisciplinary artist, curator, educator, and cultural producer. This poet, writer, a cappella vocalist and arts educator conjures conscious analysis and weaves the fabric of poetry with song.  Source: Accessed 1/8/21. 

By and about Storme Webber (Some items Vassar only):

                                                                 Listen to clips:


  • DeLanna Studi, Cherokee _delanna at fence.jpgperformance actress, activist and winner of the 2016 Butcher Scholar from The Autry Museum of the American West, who appears in DreamKeeper (2003), Edge of America (2003) and Shameless (2011). She has written AND SO WE WALKED: An Artist’s Journey Along the Trail of Tears.  Photo source: Accessed 1/8/21.

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  • Madeline SayetMadeline Sayet (Mohegan) "Raised on traditional Mohegan stories and Shakespeare, Madeline Sayet is a director whose work is shaped by the idea of Story Medicine - the belief that every story we put into this world has the power to do real world harm or healing. What story do you wish you had heard growing up? How can theatre be used to transcend the world we are in and build a better future?" Source: Accessed 1/8/21.

By and about Madeline Sayet (Some items Vassar only)





  • Andre C. Bouchard - Executive Creative Director - Indigenous Performance  Productions, a non-profit company | LinkedInPrincipal and Founder, Andre Bouchard (of Kootenai/Ojibwe/Pend d’Oreille/Salish descent) is an internationally recognized agent, producer and consultant who was born and raised on the Flathead Reservation in western Montana the son a CSKT enrolled father and a white mother.   As a person with a background in both Native and non-native worlds Andre aspires to serve as an inter-cultural activist, working to build bridges and reverse the invisibility that serves to marginalize Native people in the US.  Andre's primary background is as producer of dance, theatre, music and multi-disciplinary performance but has worked in practically every roll in the performing arts since he began as an active artist and arts administrator in 1999.  In 2001 he founded Walrus Performance Productions, a non-profit dedicated to providing first opportunities to choreographers, playwrights and multi-disciplinary performing artists in the Pacific Northwest.  In this role he opened the Walrus Theatre, a blackbox venue in the heart of Seattle's Capital Hill which fell victim to the real estate boom of 2008.  In 2010 he founded Walrus Arts Management and Consulting which was expanded in 2015 to serve as a home to the first Native run performing arts booking agency representing Indigenous dance, theatre, music and multi-disciplinary artists .  In 2019 he founded Indigenous Performance Productions, a non-profit company dedicated to production of touring Indigenous performing arts festivals. 

Source: Accessed 1/8/21.