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MUSIC 247: Developing a Musical Narrative through Sources and Curatorship

Information for researching the spring 2021 assignment


Important sources

Oxford Music Online:   


Oxford Music Online includes substantial articles authored by scholars, excellent works lists and bibliographies. Check  the "J: Sacred vocal music" section of the Bibliography to find important books and articles specifically on this composition. 

Guide to Research:

ML134.H272 G74 1990 

Grave, Floyd K. (Floyd Kersey). Franz Joseph Haydn : a guide to research. New York : Garland Pub., 1990.

Thematic Catalog:

ML134.H272 H6

Hoboken, Anthony van. Joseph Haydn ; thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis. Mainz : B. Schott's Söhne, [1957-].


05 H32 J  Werke.  Munchen: Henle, 1958-   (listed in the card catalog only)

Searching for Information on the Creation (Die Schopfung)

*Keep in mind that as you search for information about this composition you will need to search for both the English and German forms of the title.*

1. Oxford Music Online:   


There are numerous references to the Creation in the text of this Grove Music Online article and bibliographical references to books/articles about this musical work in the bibliography at the end of the Grove article.   Check  the "J: Sacred vocal music" section of the Bibliography to find important books and articles specifically on this composition.


2. Search the Vassar Libraries' Online Catalog for books, particularly those listed in the Grove article's bibliography.  If Vassar does not own them, try Interlibrary loan.  If no call number appears for a book you would like and the status "1 copy being processed for Mus Book" is displayed,  ask at the Music Library Circulation Desk.

By subject: "Schopfung" to find books about the composition such as

 ML410.H4 T36 1991 (Online and in-print versions)

Temperley, Nicholas.  Haydn, The Creation.  Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1991

By keyword: “Haydn Creation” and "Haydn Schopfung"  and limit by "printed material" to quickly search the contents notes of chapters of books that may be relevant.  Below are only a few of many in the Music Library collection:

ML410.H4 C17 2005   (Online and in-print versions)

The Cambridge companion to Haydn. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.

 ML410.H4 H318 1997  (Online and in-print versions)

Haydn and his world. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, ©1997.

 ML3849 .T65 2001  

Tolley, Thomas.  Painting the cannon's roar : music, the visual arts, and the rise of an attentive public in the age of Haydn, c.1750 to c1810. Aldershot ; Burlington, USA : Ashgate, ©2001.


3. Check these databases for articles,  particularly those listed in the Grove article's bibliography.  Music Periodical Index and JSTOR provide many full text articles.  RILM Abstracts cites additional scholarly articles, but has only abstracts and no full text.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (1967-current)

Abstracts only, no full text, for items from 1967-present  RILM indexes more scholarly publications and is interdisciplinary in coverage.   Indexes music periodicals, chapters of books, festchrifts and periodicals in related subjects.

Advanced search most useful.  Allows for browsing types of documents, instruments, etc. to add to your search query.

To find full text of articles: check in  Music Periodicals Database or JSTOR  to see if either database contains the full text or check  the Vassar Libraries' Online Catalog to see if Vassar owns the print.  If Vassar does not own the periodical, try Interlibrary loan.


Music Periodicals Database (Full-Text)

Full text for many--not all--articles. Indexes music periodicals only.  Although there is overlap with RILM Abstracts, tends to cover the less scholarly, more popular titles.



JSTOR is not an index, but may be used to search texts of those 112 music journals that appear in JSTOR.  JSTOR seems like an index for the journals it covers since it can be searched by keyword, but it does not allow you to search by subject.

Haydn "Pictorial Works" (Iconography)


ML88.H37 P5  

Petzoldt, Richard. Joseph Haydn : Sein Leben In Bildern. Leipzig : Verlag Enzyklopädie, 1959.

ML88.H37 S63 1969b 

Somfai, László. Joseph Haydn: his life in contemporary pictures / collected and supplied with a commentary and an iconography of authentic Haydn pictures; [translated from the Hungarian by Mari Kuttna and Károly Ravasz] London : Faber, 1969.


ArtSTOR database: Images for Haydn, Joseph

Music manuscripts, Scores

05 H32 J  Werke.  Munchen: Henle, 1958-   (listed in the card catalog only)

Preface and critical commentary in German. Reihe 28, Bd. 3 contains sketches from various sections of the oratorio.

"Winner of the German Music Publishers' Association "Best Editions" prize. Beautiful full-color reproduction of 36 sketch pages, hitherto unpublished, to Haydn’s oratorio “The Creation”, preserved in libraries in Vienna, London and New York."    OMI facsimiles 


Music Treasures Consortium Schopfung 1822 edition digitized