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We are excited to share our new Library catalog and search tool! We hope that you will find it easy to search and explore our collections. If you need help, have questions, or want to share feedback, visit the Ask a Librarian page.

Native American Studies

Finding Books

To find books within Vassar's collection, it's best to start with our library catalog.  Browsing the shelf by call number works best after having already identified a specific title.

To find books beyond Vassar, try a subject bibliography or a subject search in ConnectNY or WorldCat.  Materials not owned by Vassar can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Library Catalog

Browsing by call number

Relevant titles fall throughout our collection, but the E75 through E99 call number section houses a sizeable amount of material, organized as follows:

  • E75-E77 (General history)
  • E78 (By state, province, or region, A-Z)
    e.g., E78.A3 = Alaska; E78.N78 = Northwest Coast
  • E81-87 (Indian Wars and captivities)
  • E89-90 (Biography)
  • E91-93 (Government relations)
  • E96-97 (Education)
  • E98 (By special topic, A-Z)
    e.g., E98.A7 = Art; E98.E2 = Economic Conditions; E98.R3 = Religion
  • E99 (By tribe, A-Z)
    e.g., E99.C5 = Cherokee; E99.S28 = Seminole


Searching the library catalog by subject

When searching the library catalog, pay attention to subject headings assigned to relevant titles. Refining your search using the same subject heading terminology may yield more precise results.

The Library of Congress uses the heading "Indians of North America" to describe the broader Native American community.  This heading is usually qualified with a topical or geographic subheading:


"Indian" also qualifies many specific headings, either as a main heading (e.g., Indian Art ) or a sub-heading (e.g., American literature -- Indian authors.)


In additional to these broad headings, also try searching by individual native community or cultural topic: