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MUSIC 141: Comtemporary Composer Assignment

How to evaluate a contemporary composer's musical works.



Search for books, journals, music scores and sound and visual recordings listed in the Vassar Online Catalog.*

HINT: for effective music searches DON'T use keyword.

Can't find something? Not all Music Library materials can be found through the online catalog. For a complete search, you must check both the online catalog and the Music Library card catalog.


Has the composer been recognised by receiving any prizes or awards?

American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal in Music

"Two American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medals are awarded each year by the academy for distinguished achievement. The two awards are taken in rotation from [six] categories."

George Peabody Medal

"The George Peabody Medal is the highest honour the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University bestows. The award, established in 1980, honours individuals who have made exceptional contributions to music in America."

Léonie Sonning Music Prize

"The Léonie Sonning Music Prize, or Sonning Award, which is recognized as Denmark's highest musical honor, is given annually to an international composer or musician. It was first awarded in 1959 to composer Igor Stravinsky. Laureates are now selected by the directors of The Léonie Sonning Music Foundation, which was founded in 1965."

Prix de Rome

1803 to 1968.

Pulitzer prizes for music


For an exhaustive list of prizes and awards for music in all catagories.