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MUSIC 141: Comtemporary Composer Assignment

How to evaluate a contemporary composer's musical works.



Search for books, journals, music scores and sound and visual recordings listed in the Vassar Online Catalog.*

HINT: for effective music searches DON'T use keyword.

Can't find something? Not all Music Library materials can be found through the online catalog. For a complete search, you must check both the online catalog and the Music Library card catalog.


Have the composer's works been favorably reviewed?

For reviews of recordings, scores or performances in review journals such and Fanfare, Grammophone, or journals focusing on contemporary classical compositions such as Tempo or Perspectives of New Music:

Music Periodicals Database (Full-text)

Covers many scholarly and popular music journals.  Music Periodicals Database (Full-Text) indexes and provides full text for some, not all, journal articles cited.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (1967-)  [Use your computer's find command to search "RILM"]

Covers many scholarly  music journals and chapters of books. Provides an abstract of an article or chapter, not the full text. 

Lexis-Nexis Academic

For performances reviewed in The New York Times or other prominent newspapers.