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MUSIC 141: Comtemporary Composer Assignment

How to evaluate a contemporary composer's musical works.



Search for books, journals, music scores and sound and visual recordings listed in the Vassar Online Catalog.*

HINT: for effective music searches DON'T use keyword.

Can't find something? Not all Music Library materials can be found through the online catalog. For a complete search, you must check both the online catalog and the Music Library card catalog.



www.[composerdujour or composer's selling agent].com may end up being one of your sources of information, but be sure and look elsewhere and check information with reliable sources! 

Consider who is supplying the biographical information: 

Are there quotes from reputable, tracable sources? 

Or is the information all supplied by the composer?

What is the site promoting or selling?  The composer and his/her works?  Scores or recordings in general? Tickets to performances?