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Mr. Schreier's courses: a research guide

A guide to resources for research assignments in Mrs. Schreier's courses.

Newspapers, Magazines and Popular Books

Journalistic Accounts

It is important to distinguish a piece of journalism from a piece of scholarship.  Scholarly writing MUST include citations and footnotes; it also usually undergoes a rigorous peer review process.  Journalistic pieces do not impose the same requirements, and the intention of a work of journalism is often very different than a work of scholarship.  The purpose of citations in scholarly writing is to engage and continue a scholarly conversation about a particular intellectual consideration.

Much of what is and has been written about the Middle East is by journalists, or are books intended for popular audiences.  When working with a "popular" or "journalistic" source, it is important to confirm the following:

  • affiliations and experience of the author
  • intended audience for the piece
  • affiliations and history of the magazine or newspaper (who is the editor, owner etc.)