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This guide will help you navigate information resources in astronomy.


E-Book Collections

Search Tips for Using the Vassar Library Search

When you find a book of interest, note the location, write down the call number, and check the status. Also look at the subject headings assigned to the book; you might find it useful to click on these headings to find similar books on your topic.


Call Numbers in Astronomy

Books in Vassar Library are assigned a call number according to the Library of Congress classification system. The call number consists of a combination of letters and numbers, and is designed so that books on similar topics will be near each other on the shelf and easy to browse.

If you want to browse the collections, call number ranges are as follows:

QB1 to QB139 General Astronomy
QB140 to QB237
Practical & Spherical Astronomy
QB275 to QB343
QB349 to QB421
Theoretical Astronomy & Celestial Mechanics
QB455 to QB456 Astrogeology
QB460 to QB466 Astrophysics
QB468 to QB490
Non-optical Methods of Astronomy
QB495 to QB903 Descriptive Astronomy
QB980 to QB991 Cosmogony & Cosmology