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Going to the Source:

A resource provided by collaboration between the College Libraries, the Writing Center, and the Faculty


How to avoid a trip to the Academic Panel by using available resources

Neither this guide nor any other can substitute for conversation with your professors. Ask them first when you have questions. You can also get help from the Research Librarians, the Writing Center, your academic adviser, and the Dean of Studies office.

When you encounter difficulties–which are an expected part of your college education–Vassar faculty and administrators are here to listen and help. First, get in touch with your professor and ask for advice. If you feel comfortable, feel free to share problems or experiences beyond the class that may be affecting your academic work. In the long run it’s much worse to plagiarize than it is to explain your predicament and ask what to do.

Ask a Librarian at VassarYou can also make an appointment with a research librarian, whose job is to help you locate and use research resources. See the Library home page for the “Ask a Librarian” feature; depending on the day and time, you may text, call, email, or write to get help. You can also make an appointment at the Writing Center for advice on starting or improving a paper.

Your pre-major or major adviser can serve as a helpful resource. It’s also the job of the friendly folks in the Dean of Studies office to help with any academic or personal troubles you may encounter. You can always seek out your class adviser there, whose job is to listen, help you find solutions, and refer you to campus resources. You may ask for this meeting to be confidential.


After having read "Going to the Source," how confident do you feel about avoiding plagiarism?
Expert: 4 votes (21.05%)
Pretty confident: 12 votes (63.16%)
Slightly confused: 2 votes (10.53%)
I still need a lot of help: 1 votes (5.26%)
Total Votes: 19