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MODfest 2020

Celebrating its 18th season, Modfest 2020 is Vassar College’s annual exploration of the arts of the 20th and 21st centuries. January 30-February 9, 2020

Thursday, February 6 - 6:00pm

Lecture: Jeff Snyder "Build, Destroy, Build: Spontaneous Creation of Structure."


Jeff Snyder, composer, improviser and instrument-designer, who also directs the Princeton's Laptop Orchestra, PLOrk, will give a lecture and performance about his interdisciplinary research and practice. 

Skinner Hall of Music


 Jeff Snyder c. Andrew Wilkinson

Jeff Snyder (b.1978) is a composer, improviser and instrument-designer living in Princeton, New Jersey, and active in the New York City area.

As founder and lead designer of Snyderphonics, Jeff designs and builds unusual electronic musical instruments. His creations include the Manta, which is played by over 150 musicians around the world; the JD-1 Keyboard/Sequencer, which was commissioned as a specialty controller for Buchla synthesizers; and the custom analog modular synthesizer on which he regularly performs.

Jeff is a member of experimental electronic duo exclusiveOr, avant jazz group The Federico Ughi Quartet , improvisatory noise trio The Mizries, and laptop ensemble Sideband. He fronts the band Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves as his electro-country alter-ego, Owen Lake. He also composes alternate-reality Early Music for an ensemble of his invented instruments.

In 2009, Jeff co-founded an experimental music record label, Carrier Records , which continues to release strange and exciting experimental music. In 2011, he received a doctorate with distinction in Music Composition from Columbia University. He is now the Director of Electronic Music at Princeton University, as well as Director of PLOrk , Princeton's Laptop Orchestra.


Source: Accessed 1/7/20. 

Thursday, February 6- 5:00-9:00pm

We are Still in Eden 


A projection and soundscape exploring the primal sanctuary of nature. Presented by The Vassar Collective.


The Vassar Chapel


Friday, February 7 - 7:00pm

Dance Performance: Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre


A performance of works selected from the current repertory. This is a free but ticketed event - reservations for general seating are required and are available online at For additional information please email: or call (845) 437-5541.

Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theater, Kenyon Hall.



2011 production of "Caffeinated" choreographed by Larry Keigwin and features nine dancers who express the meaning of coffee in the world of the young student.- credit Jim Mills

Saturday, February 8 - 4:00pm

Future Voices: Stringendo and Cappella Festiva Treble Choir and Cor Capriccio.


Cappella Festiva Treble Choir and Cor Capriccio Children's Choir.  Matt Zydell and Elizabeth Clifton, conductors.


Skinner Hall of Music


Source: Accessed 1/7/20.

Source: Accessed 1/7/20.

Strawberry Hill Fiddlers

Source: 1/7/20.


Saturday, February 8 5:00-9:00pm

Inner Space / Outer Space An interactive projection and soundscape.


A projection and soundscape exploring the primal sanctuary of nature. Presented by Rick Jones/Vassar Light Collective. 



The Bridge for Laboratory Sciences

Saturday, February 8: 5:30pm; Reception at 6:30pm.

Exhibition Opening Lecture and Reception for Louise Bourgeois: Ode to Forgetting

Art historian Donald Kuspit will give a lecture titled “The Benefit of Art According to Louise Bourgeois: ‘Art is a Guarantee of Sanity.’”

Taylor Hall, Room 102.

Photo: Accessed 1/7/20


Saturday, February 8 - 7:00pm

Future Voices: Vassar College Orchestra & Student Cabaret


The Vassar College Orchestra performs works by Barber, Dello Joio, and Hagood. Students from the Music Department perform songs from the great American songbook that reflect on the past and hope for the future. David Alpher, piano and Jennie Litt, director.

Skinner Hall of Music.

Sunday, February 9 - 3:00pm

Chamber Music from the Hudson Valley Philharmonic

To honor the Hudson Valley Philharmonic’s 60th anniversary season, Modfest presents

members of the orchestra in a concert of chamber works. Image result for hudson valley philharmonic image

Skinner Hall of Music


Photo: Accessed 1/7/20.