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ICPSR Data Repository

Guide to accessing ICPSR data through the Vassar College membership

Downloading data

Downloading data

Most of the ICPSR datasets are downloadable only by current members, including Vassar College.  Federally funded data are freely available to the general public.

For most datasets, ICPSR makes files available in ASCII, SPSS, SAS, and Stata file formats or provides the setup files for the statistical software packages. In some cases only the ASCII format is available.  

 Steps for downloading data:

  1. Login to your ICPSR account
  2. Click your desired data format.
  3. Select the dataset(s) in the study that you want to download.
  4. Read the Terms of Use prior to hitting "Agree" button
  5. The download, into .zip file, should begin immediately.


  • Use the Browse Documentation tab to decide if the study fits your information needs.
  • By downloading data from ICPSR, you are agreeing to follow the terms of use and to not to share the data with persons not authorized by ICPSR.

Restricted Use Data

ICPSR/ ​DSDR restricts the access and use of datasets containing information that might compromise the anonymity or privacy of individuals, or if the dataset contains particularly sensitive confidential information about the participants, Any dataset that includes information regarding populations at higher risk of deductive disclosure (such as children, adolescents, prisoners, and parents) is especially likely to be released as restricted-use.

Users must complete an agreement and apply for the public use version of the data. See Accessing Restricted Data at ICPSR for complete details. 

Application Requirements
General Requirements:
  • appointment at research institution; appointment must be under the jurisdiction of the receiving institution
  • degree requirements (possibly doctorate)
Must be submitted:
  • project description
  • IRB approval
  • approved security plan
  • roster of research and IT staff who can access or view the data or computer where data are hosted.
  • confidentiality pledges for all people on roster
May be required:
  • CV's

Reading Data into STATA

Reading Data into SPSS