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Preservation options

  1. In-house treatment ~ standard (non-reversible in most cases)

  2. In-house treatment ~ conservation (reversible)

  3. Commercial binding or conservation services

  4. Irreparable ~ reformat or replace

In-house book repair

(non-conservation and conservation treatments available)

  • Tipping in
  • Hinge tightening and replacement
  • Paperback stiffening
  • Corner reinforcement
  • Re-backing (replacing a damaged book spine)
  • Board replacement and re-casing
  • Resewing and text block stabilization
  • Removal of old repairs
  • CoLibri covers

In-house paper repair

(non-conservation and conservation treatments available)

  • Tears, punctures, and rips
  • Humidification and flattening
  • Stain and particulate removal


  • Mylar envelopes and supports for flat objects
  • Four flap and box enclosures
  • Phase boxes and drop-spine boxes
  • Pamphlet binding and lacing
  • Measuring for and ordering commercial phase boxes and CMI boxes
  • Preparing books for commercial re-casing or rebinding


  • Wet books
  • Moldy books
  • Insect monitoring

Other Preservation Services

  • Framing
  • Mounting
  • Displays

Book repairs

Book repairs