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Some evidence documents that listening to Mozart yields greater Mental Quiet, At Ease/Peace, Awe and Wonder, Mystery, Less Worry and Negative Emotion, Sleepiness, Rested/Refreshed, and Thankfulness and Love.


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Check out recordings of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on these streaming audio databases:(Vassar email required)

Music Online Listening

Naxos Music Library


Others assert that listening to the music of the Baroque era enhances study, relaxation or meditation.2

Music of the Baroque era on: (Vassar email required):

Music Online Listening

Naxos Music Library


1 Joyce, Carol. The effects of classical music and New Age mood music on relaxation states. Roosevelt University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2003. 1418518.

2 "Baroque music reduces stress"  Link to 2016 conference presentation.




Classical Music Reduces Stress!

10 Wondrous Things That Happen to Your Body When You Listen to Classical Music by Brooke Nelson.

  1. Classical music lowers blood pressure: 2004 study

  2. Classical music makes you more emotional: 2001 study

  3. Classical music helps you sleep: 2006 study 

  4. Classical music eases pain: 2006 study

  5. Classical music may make you smarter: 2001 study

  6. Classical music improves your memory: information about the study

  7. Classical music relieves anxiety:  information about the study

  8. Classical music builds social relationships: 2014 study 

  9. When baroque music was played in the reading room at hospitals, radiologists reported that their accuracy, productivity, and work satisfaction increased, according to research from the University of Maryland and the University of Pennsylvania Health System. A bit of Bach coming through your earphones could leave you whistling while you work. Here are almost effortless ways to be more productive.