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The Studio @ The Library

The Studio is a collaborative learning space located in the north area of the Main Library. It consists of the Collaboration Studio and the Design Studio, and is in close proximity to the Library Classroom.

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The Collaboration Studio

Prototyping and planning

The Collaboration Studio is a collaborative space for students and faculty to create, innovate, and plan their ideas. It features lightweight technology, a mix of flexible seating types, and analog materials to help bring projects to life. We have moveable whiteboards to partition off areas (and to write on, of course!), Post-It notes, and sticky paper: we want you to be able to capture your ideas and come up with a plan to make them happen!

Featured equipment

  • Smartphone-based virtual reality: Google Cardboard and Pansonite VR goggles
  • Microcontrollers: Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, and LilyPads
  • Prototyping materials: snap circuits, e-sewing kits
  • Zine kits
  • Button maker
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  • 4 movable tables
  • 12 chairs
  • 3 movable whiteboards
  • Work counter + 2 stools
  • Display monitor (HDMI- and VGA-ready)
  • Booth seating
  • Collaboration couch and chairs

The Design Studio

The Design Studio


Graphics, imaging, video, and audio editing

The Design Studio features powerful Mac computers, a book scanner, other scanners, and more. Located next to the Collaboration Studio, it also has tables for collaboration, shelving, and a charging station.

Featured equipment

  • 12 iMac computers
  • Adobe Creative Cloud software
  • Mounted HDMI-ready monitors
  • Wacom tablet
  • Scanners

The Studio is funded in part by a grant from the George I. Alden Trust.