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Houseplants: Guide to Care & Propagation: Home

This guide covers the library's house plant borrowing program and plant care information.


Hello! This guide is built to support the leafy lending program for the Vassar libraries or anyone who wants to know about houseplants. This guide covers the basics of houseplants; specific care for individual plants and how to propagate them; where to get more information about houseplant care; and how you can get more involved with botany on campus.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Spring 2024 Important Dates

Plant Pick-up: 1st & 2nd of February @ 2:30pm

Plant Doctor Session: TBA

End of Semester Propagation Party: TBA

Why Keep Houseplants?

Indoor plants require minimal watering, can improve air quality, and encourage interest native ecological diversity. Being surrounded by nature has been shown to improve stress levels for students, which can help with focusing while studying and general quality of life. This can be especially important during the winter months when students cannot study outside as easily and seasonal depression creeps in. Overall, indoor plants are an easy and gorgeous way to style up your living space.

More About Leafy Lending

The Leafy Lending Program is intended to help students who want to try out growing their own houseplants, but not ready to make a long-term commitment or unsure if they have the skills or knowledge to do so. This is program is designed to welcome everyone who is interested, experienced or not! Plant are usually given out during the second week of classes at the library. We currently have 30 plants that handed out on a first-come first-served basis. Students are able to borrow a plant for a semester, but are welcomed to check out the same plant if they grow attached. As a parting gift, we also offer to take a cutting of the plant if possible or seeds in return.

There is no worry if you are a beginner or don't have a green thumb, as the library offers offer almost kill-proof options & lots of advice. We try to pair you up with a plant that will thrive in your home and skill level. But if the plant does "pass on", no problem at all. We chalk it up to a learning experience! Throughout the semester we offer chances to learn more about houseplant care with a plant doctor session with one of the greenhouse staff, propagation demonstrations, gardening tips, and information sessions how to get involved with plant on campus!

2023 Leafy Lending Poster