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Music 219/Music 220: Electronic Music

Pioneering Works of Electronic Music (Thom Holmes)

Links are provided to information from Vassar's Discover and Online Library Catalog. Information without a link is listed in the Music Library card catalog only.

Africa Bambata. Looking for the Perfect Beat.(1980) Physical recordings.

Ashley, Robert. Automatic writing (1974-79) Streamed recordings

Babbitt, Milton.  Ensembles for Synthesizer (1961-63)    Physical recordings: LPs: REF T6-89/92, REF LF2-12/15.   Streamed recordings

Beatles.  Tomorrow never knows (1966)  Physical recordingCD R7885.

Behrman, David. On the other ocean. (1977) Physical and streamed recordings.

Behrman, David. Figure in a clearing (1977)  Physical and streamed recordings.

Berio, Luciano. Chamber music (Thema-Omaggio a Joyce) (1958)    Physical and streamed recordings.

Cage, John.  Williams mix (1952) Physical and streamed recordings.

Carlos, Wendy. Switched-on Bach (1968)  Physical recording: REF CD R9721

Carlos, Wendy. Sonic Seasonings (1972)  Physical recording: REF CD R9725  

Carlos Wendy.  Recordings in the Music Library.

El-Dabh, Halim. Leiyla and the Poet (1959)   Physical recording: LP:  CIRC 1379.   Streamed recordings

Eno, Brian. Music for Airports (1978)  Streamed recordings.

Le Caine, Hugh. Dripsody (1955)  Physical recording:  ML160.B75 2010 CD.

Lockwood, Annea. World Rhythms (1975) Physical and streamed recordings.

Lucier, Alvin.  I am sitting in a room (1970)  Physical recording: LP: REF S4-28. Streamed recordings

Oliveros, Pauline.  I of IV (1966)  Physical recording: LP: REF T6-338. Streamed recording.  

Reich, Steve.  Come out (1966)   Physical recording: LP: REF T6-338.  Streamed recording.  

Riley, Terry.  A Rainbow in Curved Air (1969)  Physical and streamed recordings.

Schaeffer, Pierre and Pierre Henry.  Symphonie pour un homme seul (Symphony for a man alone, 1949-50)  Physical recordings: REF E5-36.

Spiegel, Laurie.  The Expanding Universe (1975)  Physical and streamed recordings.

Stockhausen, Karlheinz.  Gesang der Junglinge (Song of the youths, 1955-56)  Physical recordings: REF T4-36, REF E3-762.

Stockhausen, Karlheinz.  Hymnen (Anthems, 1966-1967) Physical recording.

Subotnick, Morton.  Silver Apples of the Moon (1967)  Physical recording: LP: REF T6-330 and streamed recording.

Tudor, David. Rainforest IV (1973)  Physical and streamed recordings.

Ussachevsky, Vladimir.  Sonic Contours (1952) Physical and streamed recordings.  Physical LPs: REF U3.

Varese, Edgard.  Deserts (1954) Physical and streamed recordings.  Physical recording: LPs: REF S4-209/10, REF S5-323, CIRC 2911.

Varese, Edgard.  Poeme electronique (1958)  Physical and streamed recordings.

Xenakis, Iannis. Bohor (1962)  Music DVD 1167. 

Xenakis, Iannis. Orient-Occident (1960) Physical LPs: REF T1-106/7, CIRC 2085/6.

List taken from: Holmes, Thom.  "Pioneering Works of Electronic Music" in Electronic and experimental music : technology, music, and culture. 3rd ed. New York: Routledge, 2008, pp. 429-432.