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Film Studies

Arts & Humanities Citation Index- A Powerful Tool for Film Research

The Arts & Humanities Citation Index is one of the most powerful ways to identify scholarly discussion about films and filmmakers. It is part of the Web of Science resource, as is the Social Science Citation Index. You can search the two indexes simultaneously by choosing both under the EDITIONS drop down menu on the Web of Science search page.

There are several routes into the citation indexes:

  • In Library Finder, you may see red arrows in a record for a journal article. These arrows are linked to Web of Science and Scopus data, and if you open the full record, you'll be able to see the sources cited by the article as well as newer articles that cite the article.
  • Search WoS/AHCI directly for keywords appearing in the table of contents and abstracts of journal articles.The journals that are indexed are a much bigger selection than you will find in most other databases. 
  • Search WoS/AHCI for a publication title or a selection of publication titles, such as Cinéaste or Film Quarterly, and then search within those results for broad terms such as realism or war.
  • Select CITED REFERENCES on the WoS search page and search for a director as cited author and a film title as cited work. NOTE: Cited works are abbreviated in inconsistent and unpredictable ways, so you may want to search for a cited author and skim through the results to select all of the matches.