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LGBTQ Studies

Guide to primary and secondary resources relating to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender issues.

Contemporary Nonfiction Books in the Library

Physically browse: Find the call number range HQ 76.3 on the ground floor of the Main Library, and peruse the shelves, keeping an eye out for older books.

Search the catalog: Use the tips suggested for Secondary Sources, but add a date limit that corresponds with your research period.

Borrow from elsewhere: Same as above, but try searching ConnectNY and/or WorldCat.

Periodicals (Magazines and Newspapers)

Christopher Street (NYC; 1976-1995) VCL has 1987-1995 in print in the Periodical Room (call number HQ 75.C48)

Gay Community News (Boston; MA, 1973-1999) VCL has 1973-1996 (Microfilm 699); Articles also available online via Alt-Press Watch and Gender Watch, but it's incomplete access.  Try the microfilm- you might like it!

Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco;, CA,  1971- ) Archival database of obituaries

Dallas Voice (Dallas, TX, 1984 - present) One of the collections in the University of North Texas Digital Library

The Empty Closet (Rochester, NY, 1971-present) Keyword searchable database of the newspaper, hosted by the University of Rochester

Focus Point (Minneapolis, MN, 1994-2000) Part of the Minnesota Reflections project, hosted by the Minnesota Digital Library

GLC Voice (Minneapolis, MN, 1979-1992) Part of the Minnesota Reflections project, hosted by the Minnesota Digital Library

Southern Voice (Atlanta, GA,, 1988-1995) One of the newspaper collections in the Digital Library of Georgia

Washington Blade (Washington, D.C.; 1969-1982) Keyword searchable database of the newspaper, hosted by the DC Public Library


See also Guide to Identifying Feminist/Lesbian Feminist Magazines, Bookstores and Presses

Film and Video

In the Life (PBS; 1992-2012) Archive of the PBS television news series, hosted by the UCLA Film and Television Archive

Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community (Vassar DVD collection) Seminal documentary from 1985

Historical terminology

Sexual inversion, invert

Antipathic sexuality

Intermediate sex

Third sex

Uranian, urning

Viraginity, virago

Tribadic, tribade


Pederasty  (between two adults)

Hermaphroditism, psychical hermaphroditism, pseudo-hermaphroditism

Gyandry, gyandrism, gyandroid

Eviration / defemination

Archives Specializing in LGBT Materials

See also

For 20th century lesbian fiction, see the contemporary novels by Jane Rule, Claire Morgan (aka Patricia Highsmith), Ann Aldrich, Ann Bannon; Femmes Fatales series of lesbian pulp novels re-published by the Feminist Press.