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Russian Studies

Russian literature and literary criticism

Russian literature and literary criticism is classifed at call numbers PG1 through PG9665. For those of you who may like to browse the stacks, some key areas of the classification schedule are listed below:

PG601-716   Church Slavic
PG2001-2827   Russian (philology and language)
PG2899.2-3190   Literary history and criticism
PG3199-3299   Collections of Russian literature
PG3300-3308   Individual authors and works. Early to 1700.
PG3310-3319   Individual authors and works. 18th century.
PG3320-3347   Individual authors and works. 1800-1870.
PG3450-3470   Individual authors and works. 1870-1917.
PG3475-3476   Individual authors and works. 1917-1960.
PG3477-3490   Individual authors. 1961-2000.
PG3491.2-3493.96   Individual authors. 2001-
PG3500-3505   Russian literature, provincial, local, etc.
PG3801-3987   Ukrainian