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Citing music: MLA style


B: Author Last Name, First.  "Title in quotation marks."

      PhD diss., University of Wherever, Year.

ex: McMann, Sam. "A Harmonic Analysis of John Cage's 4'33"." PhD diss.,

      University of Smartsville, 2004.

N: 1.Author First Name Last, "Title in quotation marks" (PhD diss., University of Wherever, Year), page number.

ex: 2. Sam McMann, "A Harmonic Analysis of John Cage's 4'33"" (PhD diss., University of Smartsville, 2004): 16.

See Chicago Manual Online: 14.224 Theses and dissertations


For a thesis, use the citation style to the right, but replace "PhD diss." with "master's thesis."