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HIST/WFQS 260: Sex and Reproduction in Nineteenth Century America: Before Margaret Sanger

This guide is a companion to Ms. Edwards' group assignment, Sex at Early Vassar

Same Sex Relationships

The terms "smashing" and "crushes," in the context of women's behavior from the late 19th century to the early 20th, refers to a practice of same-sex courting of classmates. These terms were also used to describe particularly intimate or romantic relationships between two women. Smashing has been an especially elusive and cryptic topic for researchers. Below is a selection of secondary and primary sources that are helpful starting points for researching student and faculty same sex relationships at Vassar and women's colleges more broadly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  


Smashing, Student Culture, Student Relationships

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"Boston Marriages," Faculty Culture, and Relationships

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Interpreting and Contextualizing Relationships Between Women

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Lesbian Representation in Popular Women's College Fiction

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CONTEMPORARY ARTICLES AND BOOKS (listed chronologically)

A Vassar Girl. "'Smashing' at Vassar", Chicago Daily Tribune, 13 September 1875 [via Proquest] ⇒ also reprinted in the Atlanta Constitution

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Ewing, Clara. "The Girl with a 'Crush'" in Leaders of Girls. New York: Abingdon Press, 1915. [via Hathi Trust]

Women's Magazine Archive

American Periodicals Series





Available in Special Collections Alumnae/i Authors Book Collection and/or the Hathi Trust

Mary Lapsley Caughey Guest (VC 1921). The Parable of the Virgins (New York: Richard R. Smith, 1931) print: 1921 Guest

Kathleen Millay (VC ex1921, sister of Edna St. Vincent Millay, VC 1917) Against the Wall (New York : Macaulay, 1929) print: 1921 Millay

Julia Schwartz (VC 1896). Elinor's College Career (Boston : Little, Brown, 1906) print: PS3537.C797 E4

Jean Webster (VC 1901). When Patty Went to College (New York : Grosset & Dunlap, c1903) print: PS3545.E365 W53

See also: Selection of college girl fiction in HathiTrust, compiled by Laura Streett

See also: the Smith College Archive's  "Selected College Fiction"

Collections of Student Letters in VC Special Collections and Archives

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Copeland, May VC 1891. Letters Home. (378.7V EC79 ) - Letters to her mother about life at Vassar. Beau named Genie. Included are transcripts of valentines she sent.

Lockwood, Helen VC 1912. Helen Drusilla Lockwood Papers, 1883-1971. (Finding Aid) (VC Encyclopedia entry for Helen Lockwood)