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We are excited to share our new Library catalog and search tool! We hope that you will find it easy to search and explore our collections. If you need help, have questions, or want to share feedback, visit the Ask a Librarian page.

Zines @ Vassar

Our collection


Zines @ Vassar started as an idea in fall of 2014. We started small--our initial goal was to take advantage of an Arts Across the Curriculum initiative and propose a campus wide zine workshop in the College's Collaboratory. This proposal was successful, and we were given a week-long slot to host various workshops and zine activities (see "Collaboratory" for more details).

With this victory in hand, we decided it was time to think big: We needed to pitch the idea for a zines collection at Vassar.

Why zines?

Our purpose in collecting zines is to give students access to a diverse group of personal expression. Zines are DIY, self-published medium, and as such, they include voices and narratives frequently absent from more traditional, for-profit, publishing venues. Zines are (and will continue to be) excellent primary source materials that reflect everyday lives, struggles, and triumphs.

We in the Library want to introduce students to these materials, to let them know that there may be others who are dealing with or have dealt with similar situations in their lives. We also want to provide a supportive environment where students can create their own personal statement. 

What kind of zines do we collect?

There is no single theme that unites the content of our zine collection; however, we do try to focus on several key areas. In the collection of zines we have gathered so far, we have a number of zines that were created to discuss personal experiences with consent, non-binary gender, sexual assault, micro-aggressions, and other topics that may resonate with students on campus.

In addition to purchasing zines from distros (distributors), independent bookstores, and zinefests, we are interested in your zine creations! Please see our Donate your zine! page for more information.

How can I access the zines?

All of our zines will be discoverable via Vassar's online library catalog. If you're looking for a zine that isn't listed in the catalog, contact us. Maybe it hasn't been processed yet, or maybe we can purchase it for you.

There are a few simple subject searches that can help you find our zines:

  • zines
  • personal zines
  • political zines
  • split zines
  • compilation zines
  • fanzines
  • literary zines
  • poetry zines