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Zines @ Vassar

All about reading and making zines at the Vassar College Libraries

Zines wanted!

Zines @ Vassar wants to add your zines to the collection! Please fill out this form to donate your zine.

Please note that our zine collection is analog (i.e., mostly paper). If your zine is digital, let us know if a print version is available, or if you will allow us to print your zine and make one copy available in the library. 

Zines created by Vassar students/faculty/administration/staff:

If you've made a zine, please consider donating a copy! Our goal is to have zines that are a reflection of our campus community. 

Zines created outside of our campus community:

We're grateful that you would like to share your zines with us! If you are a zine maker, please get in touch or fill out the donation form.

Zine collections:

If you have a zine collection that you would like to donate, please contact us and include details about the size and scope of your collection, so that we can determine if it's a good fit. (Barnard maintains an excellent directory of zine libraries around the world here.) If your donation is accepted, we are happy to provide a letter acknowledging your gift, but we cannot provide valuation.