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Flute Music


Music to be played from: “practical or performing  editions”

Floor 2B:     

Flute solo 310

        Flute with piano 31

        Flute with continuo 31019

        Flute with continuo realised (written out for keyboard) 31019=01

        Chamber music 5x

Floor: ground floor: 

Orchestral music 61

Flute concertos 6631 

Flute concertos with orchestra part reduced for piano 6631=01


Music to be studied: facsimiles, Critical editions, Collected Works, Gesamtausgabe

Floor 1:    

Facsimiles 04 and Critical editions 05: organized by composer (known as

Gesamtausgabe or Collected works) 

Ground floor:

Critical editions: organized geographically or by time period 01x