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SOCI 214 Transnational Perspectives on Women & Work

Helpful links for the Progressive Era social work project, Spring 2015.

Material only available in Special Collections

CSA Annual Reports (complete set): 1890-1914

New York College Settlement Reports (incomplete), 1898-1928. Dewey 331.857 N482.

"V.C. College Settlements Association,"  VC Subject File 8.39

Associated VC People

Katherine  Bement Davis (VC 1892) - headed the Philadelphia  Settlement, 1893-1897

Statira McDonald (VC 1901)

Marion Doolittle (VC 1903) -  worked at VC 1925-1934, warden, vocational bureau, etc.

Margaret Hall? (VC 1903)

Gertrude Day  (VC 1904) - assistant head worker in NYC, 1904-1910

Digitized books and pamphlets

CSA Annual Reports (selected) : 18911894, 1897, 1900, 19021911/1912

CSA Quarterly / Intercollegiate Community Service Quarterly, 1915-1919.  (also available in print: 1915-1917 and 1917-1919)

The American Girl at College, Chapter 12, by Lida Rose McCabe, 1893 (also available in print)

The Leaven in a Great City, esp. Chapter 2, by Lillian W. Betts, 1902. (also available in print)

Social Settlements, by Charles R. Henderson, 1902 (also available in print)