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STS/HIST 274: Albert Einstein

Resources helpful for STS/HIST 274 - Albert Einstein. From the course catalog: "This course explores the complex life and work of the iconic scientist of the 20th century."

This guide helps explore topics related to Albert Einstein and lists resources available for archival research. Einstein's life and theories are well-documented and many materials are available online, making it difficult to choose between sources. Use the Critical Resources section to help determine where to begin to find the right sets of materials for your research topic. 

Critical resources

A summary of materials written by or related to Albert Einstein.
Title Dates covered Subject strengths Documents online? Translated / transcribed?
Einstein Digital Collection at Vassar College Libraries

1874-1989, with most material from 1934-1954

Social history

War and peace

Role of physicists in social and political matters

(see finding aid)


Download translations

Guide to the Morris and Adele Bergreen Albert Einstein Collection, 1919-1988 (finding aid for Einstein collection at VC)


Social history

War and peace

Role of physicists in social and political matters

Y, through digital library Y, through digital library
Einstein Archives Online 1712, 1859-60, 1869, 1871, 1878-1887, 1891-present (bulk 1901-1955)

Physics: Special and general theories of relativity, auantum theory and quantum mechanics, unified field theory

Politics: pacifism, militarism, fascism, nationalism, McCarthyism, world government and nuclear disarmament

Jewish affairs: Jewish identity, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict


Document records are online, but few are available


Some transcriptions available

Finding Aid to the Albert Einstein Archives (Hebrew University) 1712, 1859-60, 1869, 1871, 1878-1887, 1891-present (bulk 1901-1955) Contains excellent overview and biographical timeline of Einstein's life, including topics researched and prizes awarded N N
Einstein's personal library (Hebrew University) various years What did Einstein collect? This search will help show you what topics are available in Einstein's library. (To perform the search, hit "Search" to search an empty string, then use the right side to select "Einstein library.") N N

Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (CPAE) - Princeton University Press digital edition

Physical edition and translation available at VC

currently published: 1879-1925 (through volume 14)

same as Einstein Archives Online Partially Y
Vassar College Libraries catalog n/a Materials related to a variety of topics  N N
Discover n/a Search books, articles, and more at the same time. Includes some digitized archival materials. Partially n/a

Albert Einstein FBI files (Internet Archive)

FBI Vault: Albert Einstein (FBI site)

1930s Freedom of Information Act materials related to Albert Einstein. Internet Archive site also includes Navy investigation.  Y Y
Historical Abstracts 1450-present

Historical Abstracts database contains word history information post-1450 from a variety of historical materials, including primary sources.

Y Partially