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Intro to Zotero

This option is great for public terminals and building short-term bibliographies.

Guide to Using Zotero Bib (ZBib)

This tool can be used on any computer with a browser throughout the library. 

Best for one-off bibliographies, short term need.

How to use ZBib:

1. Go to:

2. Enter URL, ISBN, DOI, PMID, arXiv ID, or Title

3. Click Cite

4. Choose the bibliographic format

5. Edit if needed

6. Add as many citations as you like

7. Choose Export (Copy to Clipboard), Create > Copy URL or View (Visit the URL)

How to access your bibliography on another computer:

Under “Link to this version” click on Copy URL and your bibliography will be saved for access later or to share. If you wish to add to your bibliography, go to the URL, click “Edit Bibliography”, add more citations, then click on “Copy URL” once again to update the saved page. ZBib will store your bibliography at the URL for 6 months.