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Intro to Zotero

Using a Account in a Browser


1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your device.
2. Create an account using an email and password you will remember at
3. Log in and click on your name > Your Profile. Enter any profile information you wish to share and save.
4. Click on “My Library”
5. Open a new tab in Google Chrome and go to:
6. Install the Google Chrome Connector

Begin adding citations to your account:

  • Browse to any resource online
  • Click on the Connector icon - looks like a page or piece of paper. The icon is located in the top right tool bar next to the browser address window.
  • To add a book citation without browsing the web, go back to, and click on the wand icon, enter your resource identifier or title (same as you would at

Note: The first time you do this you will get a window that says to install the desktop application for best results, BUT, at the bottom is a small link that says something to the effect of “allow web connection to your zotero account.” Once that is clicked you can use the connector and it will populate all of your citations right into

Organize your bibliography (create collections):

  • On the left side of the screen you will see a frame with the label “My Library” Pass your mouse pointer over “My Library” and a + sign will appear. Click the +  and type in the name of your collection.
  • You can create as many collections as you like.
  • Begin adding content to your collections by either dragging and dropping, using the wand tool while category is selected, or when using the connector tool choose the collection to put the item in.