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SOCI 347: Asian Sociotechnical Imaginaries

Key Questions for Strategic Reading

Not all articles will use these exact subheadings, however these questions can still be used to focus your reading.

Article Section Key Questions
  • What is the objective of the article?
  • What conclusions or results are presented in the abstract?
  • What issues does the author seem to be concerned about?
  • What is the gap in previous research that the authors are addressing with this analysis or study?
  • What theory or theories are being presented? 
  • How does the author test their hypothesis?
  • What evidence was collected? How is it used?
  • What were the major findings of the article?
  • Are the main findings expected?
  • Does the article meet its objectives?
  • Does the author address the problems or limitations of their research methods?
  • What does the author suggest as future research?

How to Use a Source

The BEAM model provides a framework for identifying how you might use a source in your own research. 

BEAM model details: Background to present information and establish facts; Exhibit to explicate, interpret, analyze; Argument to affirm, dispute, refine, extend; and Method to provide a critical lens, key terms, theory, style, perspective and discourse