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SOCI 347: Asian Sociotechnical Imaginaries

Data Collections

Data repositories are platforms for preserving and sharing research data. There are hundreds of repositories worldwide. Below is a selected list of data repositories; for more use the data repository search tools below or see PLOS One Recommended Repositories.

​​​​​​Data Repository Search Tools
  • DataCite Commons Repository Search: Search repositories by repository name or keyword(s).
  • Registry of Research Data Repositories; search or browse by subject, content type or country.
  • OpenDOAR: Global Directory of Open Access Repositories; repositories that provide free, open access to academic outputs and resources; by country or topic.

This list is not comprehensive. Use a data repository search tool to locate additional sources.

This list is not comprehensive and may not provide English language content. Use a data repository search tool to locate additional sources.

National Bureau of Statistics of China
The website includes electronic versions of the annual National Statistical Yearbooks as well as important monthly and quarterly indicators. (Please note that some parts of the website only work with Internet Explorer.)

National Population Census of China
The Sixth National Population Census of China Database (NPCC) provides access to data from the 2010 population census. This includes nationwide population data, as well as data from 31 provinces, centrally administered municipalities and 2872 county level units.

UCSD China Data Lab: Resources
Datasets and resources pertaining to health, environment, GIS, law, media, religion, among others.

National Statistics: Taiwan
The website provides major indicators of national statistics in Excel and Open Document Format.

Bank of Japan Statistics
Compiles and publishes a variety of statistics, as well as reviews the compilation procedures for its statistics with the aim of accurately assessing developments in the economy and financial markets, and changes in the economic and financial structure. Open to Public.

Cabinet Office: Statistics
The website provides statistics and white papers, presenting policies: economic and fiscal, science and technology, disaster management, and gender equality.

Portal site of official statistics of Japan delivers one-stop service for official statistics of the Japanese government, gathering information from statistical departments of Ministries and Agencies, and providing statistical data, schedule of release, etc. Statistics can be searched by themeorganization (government department), or by area (region).

Trade statistics collected by KITA (Korea International Trade Association); search by commodity, country, continent/economic bloc.

Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)
Provide qualitative and quantitative data related to public opinion, politics, government, law, economy, business, society, welfare, education, and regional studies.

Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS)
Provide statistics about population, household income and expenditure, employment, labor, agriculture, transportation, economy, finance, education and trade. English version.

Open Data Portal
Provide open data of Korean government related to education, land use, administration, finance, welfare, labor, health, tourism, safety, and more.

Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India
Official pages of the Indian government providing data on demography, economic activity, literacy and education, housing, urbanisation, fertility, mortality, scheduled castes and many other socio-cultural and demographic data. This covers the period from 1872 to 2011. Census 2011 was the 15th national census of the country. This is a key source of primary data at the village, town and ward level.

Ministry of Statistics and Implementation Programme (MOSPI)
Main resource page of the Indian Government Ministry of Statistics with links to statistical yearbooks, data archives and other useful social and economic information. There are also notes on a consumer price index, economic and social classifications and the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) the key source of Indian industrial statistics.
The government's one-stop portal to its publicly-available datasets from 70 public agencies. To date, more than 100 apps have been created using the government’s open data. The new, now in public beta, goes beyond being a data repository. It aims to make government data relevant and understandable to the public, through the active use of charts and articles.

Locating Secondary Data